Table 2

Detainees’ reactions to non-disclosure and disclosure of their HIV test results in the re-education-through-labour camps

 MenPer centWomenPer centTotalPer cent
Total detainees who had blood tests (excludes detainees who were diagnosed HIV positive outside of labour camps)53576.416523.6700100.0
NEVER TOLDHow did you feel about never being told your blood test results?45881.810218.256080.0
PositiveHappy/happy not told/it means I am not infected/calm/okay/not worried/relaxed/means I am in good physical health11725.54342.216028.6
NegativeI want to know my results/will take another HIV test after leaving labour camp8017.5109.89016.1
Can't do anything about it/fate/life goes on
Don't know if infected
Don't want to think about it
NeutralNormal/no special feelings/I don’t care/feel nothing/I don’t want to know the results/not worried/not important/okay/not finished analysing blood tests/understandable23050.24746.127749.5
TOLD RESULTSBut not reported to researchers266.7133.330.4
TOLD HIV NEGATIVEWhat was your first reaction to your negative result?4750.04750.09413.4
PositiveHappy/feel comfortable/at least not infected/relaxed/calm/relieved2859.63983.06771.3
NeutralNormal/nothing special/don't care/as expected1838.3714.92526.6
TOLD HIV POSITIVEWhat was your first reaction to your positive result?2865.11534.9436.1
PositiveI can accept it00.016.712.3
NegativeUpset/worried/surprised/hard to accept/disturbed/panic/sad/shocked1967.91280.03172.1
NeutralNothing special/I already knew the results725.0213.3920.9
How do you feel now?28 15 43 
PositiveGood/feel better/optimistic/calm/I have accepted it/not important anymore725.0426.71125.6
NegativeUpset/worried/feel numb/sad/have to face the truth725.0640.01330.2
NeutralNormal/nothing special/don’t care/no special feelings828.6533.31330.2