Table 2

Patterns of contraceptive and condom use among females and males

 FemalesMalesTotalp Value (χ2)
Per cent(N)Per cent(N)Per cent(N)
Among non-pregnant respondents
Current contraceptive use (all methods)*
Current modern method use†
Condom use vs other methods
 Other methods2.5(6)1.1(1)2.1(7)
Dual method use
 Single method88.2(209)90.5(86)88.9(295)0.54
 Dual method11.8(28)9.5(9)11.1(37)
Among all respondents
Condom use at last sex
 Condom used69.7(336)80.6(104)72.0(440)0.033
 Condom not used26.6(128)15.5(20)24.2(148)
 Not answered or missing3.7(18)3.9(5)3.8(23)
Type of condom user
 Consistent user45.0(217)60.5(78)48.3(295)0.029
 Inconsistent user32.8(158)24.8(32)31.1(190)
 Never use condoms4.8(23)4.7(6)4.7(29)
 Not having sex17.0(82)10.1(13)15.5(95)
 Refused to answer0.4(2)0.0(0)0.3(2)
  • Italicised groups are not included in p-values.

  • *Among men whose partner was not currently pregnant.

  • †Modern methods: pills, injectables, IUD, implants, female sterilisation, male and female condoms (alone), LAM.

  • LAM, lactational amenorrhea method; IUD, intrauterine device.