Table 1

Drugs commonly associated with chemsex

Common name (street names)Means of deliveryTypical effectsTypical duration
GHB/GBL (G, Gina, liquid ecstasy)Swallowed in small liquid dosesSedation and anaesthetisation: euphoria, disinhibition; drowsinessUp to 7 h
Mephedrone (meow-meow, MCAT, plant food)Snorted as a powder, injected or administered rectallyStimulation: euphoria, alertness, affection, confidence; anxiety, paranoiaAbout 1 h
Crystal methamphetamine (Christine, Tina, T, crystal, ice, yaba)Snorted as powder, smoked in glass pipe or injectedStimulation: exhilaration, alertness, disinhibition; agitation, paranoia, confusion, aggression4–12 h