TableĀ 2

Detection rates for pharyngeal gonorrhoea based on reported swabbing technique following recommendations on sampling

Technique reported by clinician (no. of clinicians)Detection rate (%)No. positive/ No. testedp Value
Did not change swabbing technique (14)1.5125/84460.004
Changed swabbing technique (14)2.1139/65990.02
No change in surface area swabbed (14)1.5124/8182
Swabs a larger surface area (14)2140/6863<0.001
No change in pressure applied with swab (20)1.5152/10456
Applies more pressure with swab (8)2.5112/4589 0.051
No change in frequency of inducing the gag reflex (14)1.6130/8299
Increased frequency of inducing the gag reflex (14)2134/67460.25
No change in time taken to swab (16)1.6167/10011
More time taken to swab (12)1.997/50350.002
No change in anatomical sites swabbed (17)1.5137/9216
Different anatomical sites swabbed (11)2.2127/5829