Table 1

Differences between post-HIV diagnosis AIDS patients (PHDA patients) and late presenters

PHDA patients (n=54)Percentage or IQRLate presenters (n=47)Percentage or IQRp Value
Patient characteristics
 Median age4036–444033.5–450.764
Migrant or visitor2953.71634.00.047
 HIV risk factors
  Intravenous drug user59.3000.032
Previous clinical indicator disease3157.4612.80.000
Previous chemoprophylaxis1324.1000.005
Psychiatric comorbidities1935.2612.80.009
Alcohol abuse1324.124.30.005
Substance abuse1222.212.10.003
Social Issues1425.9000.000
Median time from diagnosis to AIDS (years)7.34.0–13.300–0
Median CD4 at diagnosis (cells/microlitre)263125–4304310.5–184.0
Median Viral load at diagnosis (copies/ml)4563216384–16575020274777356–188474
Median LTFU period (months)116–19
Reasons for LTFU recorded
 Travelled abroad713
 Social Issues713
 Transfer of care to other centres47.4
 Treatment avoidance35.6
 Religious views23.7
 Hospitalisation for other medical problems23.7
 Other reasons23.7
 Not LTFU611.1
Number of patients received previous ART34
 Median ART break period (months)124.0–23.0
 Median length of ART before OI (months)4833–84
 Reasons for ART break
  Drug side effects926.5
  Incompatible lifestyle411.8
  Religious views38.8
  Negative beliefs about ART25.9
  Travelled abroad25.9
  Social issues25.9
  Alternative medication12.9
  Medical advice12.9
 Patients who did not stop ART617.6
 Last VL on ART
  >50 copies/ml1844.1
  • Bold represents a statistically significant difference between the two cohorts (p<0.05). ART, antiretroviral therapy; LTFU, lost to follow-up; MSM, men who have sex with men; OI, opportunistic infection; VL, viral load.