Table 2

Risk factors associated with LGV cases in the growth phase compared with those in the endemic phase (definitions in Methods): adjusted estimates and 95% CIs

VariableAdjusted ORCI (95%)p Value
Genital symptoms1.2390.895 to 1.7160.195
Sex party1.7661.041 to 2.9940.031
Oral sex: receptive (unprotected)*1.8290.722 to 4.6320.200
Oral sex: insertive (unprotected)*1.2080.507 to 2.8780.670
Sharing sex toys (unprotected)*1.7420.938 to 3.2350.072
HIV positive1.4951.007 to 2.2200.045
  • *In the 3 months prior to LGV diagnosis.

  • LGV, lymphogranuloma venereum.