Table 1

Regression analysis results using model in (4)

PopulationEmbedded Image1.039***1.119***1.292***
Embedded Image(1.008 to 1.070)(1.054 to 1.184)(1.212 to 1.372)
African–AmericanEmbedded Image0.01***0.024***0.025***
Embedded Image(0.009 to 0.011)(0.022 to 0.026)(0.022 to 0.028)
GiniEmbedded Image0.645**2.312***5.993***
Embedded Image(0.069 to 1.221)(0.848 to 3.776)(4.505 to 7.481)
EducationEmbedded Image−0.015−0.051**−0.106***
Embedded Image(−0.035 to 0.005)(−0.096 to −0.006)(−0.155 to −0.057)
InsuranceEmbedded Image0.011***
Embedded Image(0.003 to 0.019)
IncomeEmbedded Image−0.005**−0.011***0.014**
Embedded Image(−0.009 to −0.001)(−0.019 to −0.003)(0.004 to 0.024)
InterceptEmbedded Image−2.125***−4.705***−8.371***
Embedded Image(−2.395 to −1.855)(−5.763 to −3.647)(−9.081 to −7.661)
DispersionEmbedded Image12.8053.073***2.181
  • Results include coefficients estimates, their 95% CIs, the p values (**means p<0.05 and ***means p<0.01, with p values testing the null Embedded Image) and the overdispersion parameter r. A stepwise model selection was carried out using stepAIC algorithm, with ‘–’ indicating that the algorithm excluded the variable from the regression.