Table 4

Sexually transmitted infection (STI) acquisition location and partner type among active-duty deploying US Navy and Marine Corps respondents by sex*

CharacteristicTotalMenWomenp Value
NPer centnPer centnPer cent
Where infected with last STI (n=233)0.04
 Within USA21090.112887.18295.4
 Outside USA239.91912.944.7
Type of partner acquired STI from (n=287)<0.01
 One-night stand (not a sex worker)6422.35730.377.1
 Sex worker207.0179.033.0
 Don't know269.12111.255.1
STI acquired from service member (n=298)10133.95125.85050.0<0.01
  • *Respondents who marked ‘Not applicable, I have never had a sexually transmitted disease’ were excluded from the denominator.