Table 1

Demographic comparison between Ireland, Poland and Germany and differences across the three sites in the use of the internet, commercial sex workers, sex on premises venues and alcohol and recreational drugs

IrelandPer centPolandPer centGermanyPer cent
Number of patients85100.073100.017100.0
Age (years)
 Median (range)35 (19–77)34 (23–68)35 (21–56)
Country of birth
 Other European2023.511.400
 South America1011.80000
 North America100000
 Middle East000015.9
Sexual orientation
 Not stated0011.415.9
HIV status
Current partner3440.0811.0750.0
 Partner aware of Treponema pallidum2161.8112.5857.1
 Partner aware of HIV*3394.08100.01076.9
Mode of meeting partners
 Internet4249.40Not stated1058.8
 Sex on premises venues (sauna, sex cinema)2225.90015.9
 Commercial sex workers78.211.400
Alcohol use around time of sex5969.46284.9741.2
Illicit oral/nasal ‘party’ drugs use
 Ecstasy, ketamine, GBH'G’, cocaine3338.868.2423.5
  • *Refers to the partners of HIV-positive patients (n=35).