Table 2

Cost per consultation and per correctly and incorrectly managed consultation of urogenital gonorrhoea (STI Outpatient Clinic, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2008–2011)

Total cost (TC)€330 160.68€708 250.99
Total number of consultations (N)10 95225 524
Total number (%) of correctly managed consultations (NCM)10 914 (99.7%)25 377 (99.4%)
Average cost per consultation (TC/N)€30.15€27.75
Cost per correctly managed consultation (TC/NCM)€30.25€27.91
Total cost of incorrect management* (TCI)€1145.55 (n=38)€4079.02 (n=147)
Delayed treatment€783.80 (n=26)€3329.81 (n=120)
Lost to follow-up, no treatment€60.29 (n=2)€249.74 (n=9)
Overtreatment€301.46 (n=10)€499.47 (n=18)
Cost of incorrect management per consultation (TCI/N)€0.10€0.16
  • *Incorrect management of gonorrhoea is defined as delayed treatment (treatment after the first visit), no treatment at all (lost to follow-up after a positive culture) or overtreatment (based on a false-positive Gram stain result). The remaining consultations fall into the group of correct management.