Table 3

Pathogen-specific proportion of self-reported doctor-diagnosed sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among active-duty deploying US Navy and Marine Corps respondents reporting ≥1 STI in the past 12 months by sex

NPer centnPer centnPer cent
Overall, ≥1 STI reported582.4321.7265.1
 Chlamydia only3051.71650.01453.8
 Chlamydia and gonorrhoea only11.700.013.8
 Chlamydia, gonorrhoea and ≥1 other STI712.1721.900.0
 Chlamydia and ≥1 other STI†23.426.300.0
 Gonorrhoea only23.413.113.8
 Gonorrhoea and ≥1 other STI‡35.239.400.0
 Herpes only46.900.0415.4
 Herpes and ≥1 STIs†‡11.713.100.0
 Anogenital warts only610.326.3415.4
 ≥1 other STI§23.400.027.7
  • *Variables are mutually exclusive.

  • †Excluding gonorrhoea.

  • ‡Excluding chlamydia.

  • §Excluding any STI (s) reported in other categories.