Table 1

Diagnostic criteria for PID from National Guidelines and Leeds Centre for Sexual Health

GuidelineCDC (US) 2006Leeds centre for sexual health 2007*BASHH (UK) 2005
Diagnostic criteriaKey criteriaAdditional supportiveKey criteriaAdditional supportiveSuggestive features
 Age <25 years and/or at risk of STIsXXX
 Sexually activeXXX
 Pelvic or lower abdominal painXXX
 Deep dyspareuniaXXX
 Abnormal vaginal bleedingXXX
 Abnormal vaginal dischargeXXX
 Symptoms of recent onsetXX
 Uterine tenderness≥1 of these (minimum criteria)≥1 of these
 Cervical motion tendernessX
 Adnexal tendernessX
 Inflammatory cells on vaginal or cervical microscopyAbsence negatively predictsAbsence negatively predictsAbsence negatively predicts
 Pregnancy excludedXXX
 CT positiveXXX
 GC positiveXXX
  • *Guidelines recommended to be followed by clinicians at the time of the study.

  • BASHH, British Association for Sexual Health and HIV; CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; CT, Chlamydia trachomatis; GC, gonococcal infection; PID, pelvic inflammatory disease.