Table 1

Estimated probabilities to endorse risky sexual behaviours for three latent sex risk classes

Risky sexual behaviourClass 1:
low contraception use
Class 2:
early sex/multiple partners
Class 3:
low sex risk
Sex before age 16 yrs0.540.840.42
No condom use last intercourse1.000.100.00
No birth control last intercourse0.550.010.03
Substance use before sex0.130.150.00
2+ sex partners during past 90 days0.080.540.06
Sex with injection drug users0.000.020.01
Transaction/exchange sex0.040.040.01
  • Note. Estimated probabilities of endorsing risky sexual behaviours using 3-group latent class solution in final model (Akaike Information Criterion (AIC): 1381.34; Bayesian information criterion (BIC): 1478.89; Sample-size adjusted BIC: 1393.28; Entropy: 0.836). Class 1=32.12% of sample (14% males, 86% females). Class 2=31.75% (92% males, 8% females). Class 3=36.13% (9% males, 91% females).