Table 2

Reason and location of most recent chlamydia test, among those tested for chlamydia in the last year, by sex and by whether diagnosed in last year (sexually experienced 16–24 year olds)

By sexBy whether diagnosed in the last year*
WomenMenDiagnosed in the last yearNot diagnosed in the last year
%95% CI%95% CI%95% CI%95% CI
Denominator (weighted, unweighted)523, 943347, 47548, 81816, 1330
Reason for most recent test
 Had symptoms4.23.0 to to 6.529.019.0 to to 3.8
 Partner diagnosed with chlamydia or had symptoms2.81.7 to to 6.120.912.8 to to 3.4
 Check up after a previous positive1.30.63 to 2.60.950.33 to to to 1.4
 Wanted a check-up/offered a test/worried about risk84.982.1 to 87.487.383.8 to to 49.8688.786.8 to 90.4
 Other6.85.3 to to to to 7.1
Location of most recent chlamydia test
 Sexual health clinic28.925.5 to 32.630.525.9 to 35.562.950.4 to 73.927.625.0 to 30.4
 GP surgery35.131.7 to 38.617.013.6 to 20.927.117.7 to to 30.8
 NHS Family Planning clinic9.27.4 to to to to 8.9
 School, college or university11.69.4 to 14.224.520.4 to to 7.217.515.2 to 20.1
 Elsewhere15.212.9 to 17.823.819.3 to to 8.119.617.2 to 22.2
  • *Women and men were combined due to small denominator for diagnosed in the last year.

  • 95% CI of unadjusted OR and p values for unadjusted and adjusted OR are presented in full in the online supplementary material.

  • GP, general practice; NHS, National Health Service.