Table 1

Items in the verbal assessment tool for symptomatic HIV

HIV-associated symptom/illnessAdult surveyChild survey
Acute respiratory infectionHave you had trouble breathing or a cough for more than 2 days with a fever?Have they had trouble breathing or a cough for more than 2 days with a fever?
JaundiceHave you had jaundice where the whites of your eyes are yellow with no history of alcohol abuse?Have their eyes been yellow, and they've had a fever? Or itching?
Sores/AbscessesHave you had abscesses or sores on your body?Have they had sores on their body?
Vaginal cancerDo you have cancer? Where is the cancer?....... OR
Do you have vaginal tumours where there was a vaginal tumour for at least 1 month with or without bleeding?
Do they have cancer? Where is the cancer?
WastingHave you had wasting which is moderate or severe weight loss with at least four of the following symptoms: paleness, changing hair colour, swelling of legs, burning feelings in feet, or dry scaly skin?Have they had any of these things:’ very pale, or hair changing colour, or legs swelling up, or burning feelings in their feet, or has their skin been very dry?
Weight lossHave you had moderate or severe weight loss?Have they lost weight and become very thin?
*Constant diarrhoeaHave you had constant diarrhoea or a runny tummy? AND
How many days has this lasted?
Have they had diarrhoea or a runny tummy for 3 or more days?
*Herpes zosterHave you had shingles or a rash on one side of your body that is like a belt?Have they had shingles or a rash on their skin?
*Oral candidiasisHave you had oral candidiasis where you have two or three of the following: ulcers in your mouth, difficulty swallowing, or white patches in your mouth?Have they had ulcers or white patches in their mouth, or problems swallowing food?
*TBHave you had TB in past 2 years?Have they had TB is last 5 years?
  • *Indicates a hyperindicative symptom.

  • TB, tuberculosis.