Table 2

Cost per consultation and per correctly managed consultation of urogenital Chlamydia trachomatis (CT), among high-risk male patients, STI Outpatient Clinic, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2008–2011

Study period2008–20092010–2011
Total cost (TC)€514 479.17€1 266 876.18
Total number of consultations (N)718518 852
Total number of correctly managed consultations (%) (NCM)5455 (75.9%)15 676 (83.2%)
Mean cost per consultation (TC/N)€71.60€67.20
TC of incorrect management*€30 957.46 (n=1730)€50 578.89 (n=3176)
 Due to delayed treatment€75.27 (n=95)€393.00 (n=496)
 Due to loss to follow-up; no treatment€12.68 (n=16)€39.62 (n=50)
 Due to overtreatment€30 869.51 (n=1619)€50 146.27 (n=2630)
Mean cost per correctly managed consultation€94.31€80.82
  • *Incorrect management of CT is defined as delayed treatment (treatment after the first visit), no treatment at all (loss to follow-up after a positive nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT)) or overtreatment (based on a positive Gram stain result without confirmed CT). The remaining consultations fall into the group of correct management, that is, treated presumptively at the clinic upon a confirmed (by standard test) CT infection or those not treated with a negative standard test result. More information about the costs calculations can be found in the online supplementary data.

  • STI, sexually transmitted infection.