Table 1

Overview of sexually transmitted infection (STI) curriculum and learning objectives for each module

1—STI introduction and patient history2—STI physical exam and counselling3—Male urethritis syndrome4—Vaginal discharge syndrome5—Genital ulcer syndrome6—Lower abdominal pain
STI introduction and patient history
 Review the epidemiology of STIsx
 Discuss characteristics of a sensitive patient encounter for STIsx
 Describe the importance of patient history to making an accurate STI diagnosisx
 List the most important patient history questions for an STI screen or complaintx
STI physical exam and counselling
 Review importance of a physical exam to making the appropriate STI diagnosisx
 Discuss elements of both a male and female physical examx
 Describe counselling topics related to STIs and how to discuss them sensitivelyx
Objectives for specific syndromes or diagnosis
 Identify the primary symptoms related to syndrome or diagnosisxxxx
 List the most important patient history questions for an STI visitxxxx
 Ask questions in a manner that will elicit the responses neededxxxx
 Accurately use the NDOH syndromic algorithm for the syndrome or diagnosisxxxx
 Recognise signs and symptoms that require urgent referralxxx
 Describe a targeted physical exam for syndrome or diagnosisxxxx
 Discuss appropriate approach to caring for children with suspected child abusex
 Discuss appropriate approach to caring for the elderlyx