Table 3

Reports of having seriously considered, attempted, and succeeded in adopting behaviours during the interval immediately following a new STI diagnosis or treatment, women (n=110)

Did not consider, attempt or successfully adoptSeriously considered the behaviour*Attempted to adopt the behaviour†Succeeded in adopting the behaviour
No. (%)No. (%)No. (%)No. (%)
Abstaining from sex until adequately treated1 (0.9)0 (0.0)10 (9.1)99 (90.0)
Abstaining from sex with potentially exposed partner until the person was tested for HIV and other STIs11 (10.0)7 (6.4)19 (17.3)73 (66.4)
Discussing the risks with a partner who was possibly exposed1 (0.9)5 (4.6)4 (3.6)100 (90.9)
Telling a potentially exposed partner to seek an STI examination1 (0.9)6 (5.5)6 (5.5)97 (88.2)
Breaking up with a partner who exposed participant to STI34 (30.9)13 (11.8)19 (17.3)44 (40.0)
Discussing with a partner the risks of infecting each other with HIV/STIs5 (4.6)2 (1.8)4 (3.6)99 (90.0)
Abstaining from sex when drinking or using drugs32 (29.1)4 (3.6)6 (5.5)68 (61.8)
  • *Among those not reporting having attempted or succeeded in adopting the behaviour.

  • †Among those not reporting having succeeded in adopting the behaviour.

  • STI, sexually transmitted infection.