Table 3

Estimates of economies of scale and weak cost complementarities (WCC)

Service-specific economies of scale
 Y1 (FP)0.005
 Y2 (PNC)0.001
 Y3 (Ca Cx screening)0.002
 Y4 (HCT)1.002
 Y5 (STI treatment)0.039
 Y6 (HIV care)0.158
Ray economies of scale−0.001
 Y1 (FP)×Y4 (HCT)0.03
 Y2 (PNC)×Y4 (HCT)0.03**
 Y3 (Ca Cx screening)×Y4 (HCT)0.02
 Y1 (FP)×Y5 (STI treatment)−0.10***
 Y2 (PNC)×Y5 (STI treatment)−0.06*
 Y3 (Ca Cx screening)×Y5 (STI treatment)−0.57***
 Y1 (FP)×Y6 (HIV care)−0.00
 Y2 (PNC)×Y6 (HIV care)−0.03**
 Y3 (Ca Cx screening)×Y6 (HIV care)−0.13***
  • ***, ** and * denote significance at the 1%, 5% and 10% levels, respectively.

  • FP, family planning; PNC, post-natal care; STI, sexually transmitted infections.