Table 1

Descriptive statistics of variables used in the empirical study

VariableVariable descriptionMeanSDMin.Max.
Total cost (TC)Total annual HIV and SRH costs (US$ 2014)258 898.80501 791.1025132 703 186
y1Total family planning visits3887359247022 094
Y2Total post-natal care visits68786703330
Y3Total cervical cancer screening visits20336202063
Y4Total HIV counselling and testing visits26702851015 878
Y5Total STI treatment visits27766703702
Y6Total HIV treatment visits37479917070 605
PcAverage annual wage per clinical staff9059.686480.741427.2837 552.96
PtAverage annual wage per technical staff3145.692675.92011 102.34
I1Range of HIV/SRH services provided in the facility6.641.0938
I2Range of HIV/SRH services provided in the MCH unit2.261.1404
I3Range HIV/SRH service provided per clinical staff per day1.920.9704
I4Range HIV/STI services provided per room per day1.260.8804
I5Functional integration index score0.010.94−1.253.59
CsProportion of clinical staff0.490.150.170.95
  • SRH, sexual reproductive health; STI, sexually transmitted infections.