Table 2

Example of a DCE question

Service AService B
How long you have to wait for an appointment after first contacting the serviceAn appointment at your convenience after 48 hDrop in the same day and wait
Who conducts your testsA doctor or nurse WITHOUT specialist STI knowledgeA doctor or nurse WITH specialist STI knowledge
How long after being tested before you get your resultsWait 3 days for resultsWait 7 days for results
How you get your test resultsGet results by emailGet results by post to your home address
Which test results you getYou are told test results ONLY IF you have an infection (Positive results only)You are told all test results whether you have an infection or not (Positive and Negative results)
How many STIs you are tested forMost STIs are tested for but not syphilis, herpes and HIVAll STIs are tested for including syphilis, herpes and HIV
  • Respondents were asked to indicate whether they preferred service A or B.

  • DCE, discrete choice experiment; STI, sexually transmitted infection.