Table 2

Summary results from the cohort decision model comparing the expected effects (DALYs) of the pregnancy and total costs (2012 US dollars) for all four antenatal HIV and syphilis testing algorithms in the Malawi setting of a theoretical cohort of 100 000 pregnant women receiving antenatal care using the base-case value model inputs

Total costs ($)Incremental cost ($)DALYs lostIncremental DALYs lost
Dual HIV and syphilis test21 479 390108 693
Single rapid tests for HIV and syphilis21 864 363384 972110 6911998
HIV rapid test screening only21 875 298395 908110 8752182
HIV rapid test and laboratory-based test for syphilis21 893 483414 092110 6972004
  • DALYs, disability-adjusted life years.