Table 1

Characteristics of HIV-positive men who have sex with men (MSM) at completion of their first sexual behaviour questionnaire, OHTN Cohort Study, 2010–2013

Total N1997 (100%)
Mean age at baseline (SD)47.7 (10.2)
Self-reported sexual orientation
 Gay1767 (88.5%)
 Bisexual151 (7.6%)
 Heterosexual58 (2.9%)
 Unknown*21 (1.1%)
 White1492 (74.7%)
 Black/African80 (4.0%)
 Mixed race/ethnicity168 (8.4%)
 Indigenous85 (4.3%)
 Other170 (8.5%)
 High school or less448 (22.4%)
 Some postsecondary435 (21.8%)
 Completed postsecondary1111 (55.6%)
Annual personal income
 <$C20 000702 (35.2%)
 $C20 000–$C59 999794 (39.8%)
 ≥$C60 000470 (23.5%)
 Unknown31 (1.6%)
Region where receiving HIV care
 Toronto1703 (85.3%)
 Other294 (14.7%)
Year of HIV diagnosis
 Prior to 20001129 (56.5%)
 2000–2009737 (36.9%)
 2010 or later131 (6.6%)
 Median (IQR)1997 (1991–2005)
HIV clinical status
 Initiated antiretroviral treatment1647 (82.5%)
 Mean CD4 cell count/mm3 (SD)537 (253)
 Undetectable viral load (<40 copies/mL)1568 (78.5%)
Recreational drug use in the preceding 6 months
 Any†418 (20.9%)
 Methamphetamines188 (9.4%)
 Cocaine205 (10.3%)
 Club drugs‡217 (10.9%)
 Other§187 (9.4%)
 Multiple (two or more)232 (11.6%)
Sexual behaviours in the preceding 3 months
Number of sexual partners
 None710 (35.6%)
 One535 (26.8%)
 Two to four452 (22.6%)
 Five or more274 (13.7%)
Number of HIV-positive partners
 None1210 (60.6%)
 One330 (16.5%)
 Two to four255 (12.8%)
 Five or more100 (5.0%)
Number of HIV-negative/status unknown partners
 None1101 (55.1%)
 One364 (18.2%)
 Two to four229 (11.5%)
 Five or more214 (10.7%)
Anal sex
 No partner710 (35.6%)
 Sexually active but no anal sex319 (16.0%)
 Anal sex always with a condom349 (17.5%)
 Any condomless anal sex551 (27.6%)
Anal sex with HIV-positive partners¶
 No HIV-positive partners1210 (60.6%)
 Sexually active but no anal sex124 (6.2%)
 Anal sex always with a condom147 (7.4%)
 Any condomless anal sex416 (20.8%)
Anal sex with HIV-negative/status unknown partners¶
 No HIV-negative/status unknown partners1101 (55.1%)
 Sexually active but no anal sex214 (10.7%)
 Anal sex always with a condom347 (17.4%)
 Any condomless anal sex257 (12.9%)
  • *Only 0.1% of the sample had missing data for race/ethnicity and 0.2% for education.

  • †Any recreational drug use includes anabolic steroids, amphetamines, methamphetamines, cocaine, crack/freebase, club drugs, heroin, other opiates, tranquilisers and other drugs, except cannabis as it was unmeasured for 4/7 participating clinic sites.

  • ‡Club drugs include Ecstasy/MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine), Special K (ketamine), GHB (γ hydroxybutyrate), PCP (phencyclidine) and poppers (amyl nitrite).

  • §Other includes anabolic steroids, amphetamines, crack/freebase, heroin, other opiates, tranquilisers and ‘other’ option in drug use section of questionnaire.

  • ¶Serostatus-specific variables were not mutually exclusive. The sexual behaviour questionnaire had a series of questions for HIV-positive partners followed by questions specific to HIV-negative/status unknown partners allowing for the capture and coding of different sexual practices by HIV status of partners.