Table 1

Discrete choice attributes and levels

AttributeGP levelsHIV clinic levels
1.The person you see is skilled at managing many general medical problemsYes*No*
2.The person you see has the ability to refer you on to another healthcare professional if requiredYes*Yes
3.How quickly you will be seenThe same day
The next day
In 7 days
In 14 days†
4.An appointment outside of usual opening hours if you would like itUnavailable†Unavailable*
Saturday 8:00–midday
Monday–Friday 17:00–20:00
8:00–20:00 7 days a week
5.How many times the healthcare professional has previously been seenNever†Never†
Once in the last yearOnce in the last year
Twice in the last yearTwice in the last year
More than twice in the last yearMore than twice in the last year
6.The type of person who is seenA GP without specialist HIV training†A consultant HIV doctor
A GP with specialist HIV trainingA doctor training to specialise in HIV
An HIV specialist nurse
An HIV specialist pharmacist†
7.The level of information the healthcare professional has access toAll medical records, except HIV details†Just the HIV medical records†
All medical records, including HIV detailsAll medical records, including HIV details
  • *Indicates the levels on this attribute do not vary, meanings its impact in terms of choice is included in the relevant alternative specific constant term.

  • †Indicates base level for each attribute.

  • GP, general practitioner.