Table 2

Respondent demographics

All DCE respondentsRestricted DCE respondents*CHIC
CharacteristicnMedian (IQR) or %nMedian (IQR) or %Median (IQR) or %
Age in years106946.0 (38.0–52.0)89246.9 (38.0–52.0)45.0 (38.0–51.0)†
 >50 years106938.089237.0
EQ-5D-3Lutility9520.85 (0.69–1.00)7420.85 (0.69–1.00)
Sexual preference‡
 Prefer not to say201.9182.0
 Black African15014.011012.318.6
 Black other292.7252.85.1
 Other/mixed race1009.39110.29.9
Clinic location
Highest qualification
 GCSE/‘O’ levels20419.3
 ‘A’ levels19418.4
 Degree or above48245.7
In full-time employment
Last CD4 count (cells/mm3)
 More than 50052549.445558.568.7†
Lowest CD4 count (cells/mm3)
Year diagnosed
 Before 199619718.9
 After 201019819.0
Currently receiving cART¶100392.783892.388.9
Current health problems
Registered with a GP
Does GP know your HIV status¶
Does GP know your sexuality**
  • Some numbers do not sum exactly to 1106 or 100% due to missing values and/or rounding.

  • *London and Brighton respondents only.

  • †UK CHIC (n=14 972).

  • ‡For UK CHIC data this was defined as mode of HIV acquisition.

  • §All were either male or transgender.

  • ¶Responses indicating a person was unsure if a GP knew their HIV status were coded as the GP ‘not knowing’.

  • **MSM or bisexual participants who indicated that they were unsure if their GP knew their sexuality were coded as the GP ‘not knowing’, whereas a GP was indicated as ‘knowing’ if a person was heterosexual.

  • DCE, discrete choice experiment; GP, general practitioner; MSM, men who have sex with men.