Table 3

Risk ratios (RR) and adjusted risk ratios (aRR) of being tested for Chlamydia trachomatis with the Chlamyweb randomised controlled trial compared with classic information in women. France, 2012

CI 95%
 n/NPer cent n/NPer cent
Total344/296511.61002/295833.92.922.94(2.60 to 3.33)
Age (years)
 18–1985/9429.0259/93327.83.082.98(2.33 to 3.82)
 20–21111/96811.5341/99234.43.003.02(2.44 to 3.76)
 22–24148/105514.0402/103338.92.772.84(2.35 to 3.44)
p Value0.002<0.0010.77
Place of birth
 France mainland316/272811.6927/274533.82.922.94(2.58 to 3.35)
 France overseas8/7910.130/6347.64.704.88(2.16 to 11.03)
 Sub-Saharan Africa6/639.515/5527.32.863.01(1.08 to 8.40)
 Maghreb3/2213.61/205.00.370.50(0.05 to 5.51)
 Others10/6615.227/7038.62.552.37(1.09 to 5.19)
 p Value0.860.010.31
Size of the city
 Less than 2000 inhabitants29/19015.373/19238.02.492.60(1.68 to 4.02)
 From 2000 to 20 000 inhabitants19/2447.877/22035.04.494.50(2.72 to 7.46)
 From 20 000 to 100 000 inhabitants16/2526.494/28932.55.125.03(2.95 to 8.56)
 More than 100 000 inhabitants159/109514.5400/108536.92.542.64(2.19 to 3.18)
 Paris area78/60013.0239/63337.82.902.85(2.20 to 3.68)
 Unknown43/5847.4119/53922.12.993.04(2.13 to 4.34)
 p Value (unknown excluded)0.0010.580.08
 Student216/167112.9594/170034.92.702.72(2.33 to 3.18)
 General high school4/439.313/4926.52.854.15(2.13 to 15.29)
 Professional high school13/1359.620/9920.22.102.22(1.06 to 4.65)
 Professional training15/1708.860/17634.13.863.64(2.06 to 6.45)
 Employed51/49510.3178/48636.63.553.58(2.60 to 4.94)
 Unemployed38/3949.6122/39830.73.183.30(2.27 to 4.80)
 Others7/5712.315/5030.02.441.96(0.75 to 5.11)
 p Value0.300.030.59
No. of sexual partners in the past year
 05/4610.913/5424.12.212.98(0.89 to 10.00)
 1128/13729.3457/138633.03.533.51(2.89 to 4.27)
 2 and more204/150213.6518/147235.22.592.60(2.21 to 3.06)
 p Value0.020.140.05
New partner in the past 3 months
 Yes149/117212.7393/110135.42.782.77(2.29 to 3.34)
 No186/173110.7593/178633.23.093.10(2.63 to 3.65)
 p Value0.060.120.42
Previous screening
 Yes69/31222.1110/31335.11.591.63(1.20 to 2.21)
 No221/221710.0739/220833.53.363.36(2.89 to 3.91)
 Unaware54/43312.5152/43435.02.812.93(2.14 to 4.02)
p Value<0.0010.73<0.001
  • Bold font indicates a statistically significant p value. N is the total of participants and n represents the total of participants tested in each subgroup.

  • Adjustment: age, size of the city, number of partner in the past year, previous screening.

  • The total sums of the variables ‘Place of birth’, ‘No. of sexual partners in the past year’, ‘New partner in the past 3 months’ and ‘Previous screening’ are not equivalent with the total number (N) due to the missing data.

  • For the main regression, 5828 observations were included from the 5923 observations of the study (1.60% missing values).