Table 3

Demographic characteristics of those tested for chlamydia in the past year, by location of test—men

 Characteristics of men reporting a chlamydia test in the past yearMultinomial regression analysis
Tested in sexual health (GUM) clinicTested in GPTested in other settingsTested in GP
vs GUM
Tested in other settings
vs GUM
%95% CI%95% CI%95% CIRRR95% CIRRR95% CI
Age (years)
 16–2443.537.3– 49.848.339.5–57.380.674.5–
Country of residence
Relationship status 
 Live with a partner (including married)32.726.4–39.733.224.9–42.814.210.0–
 In a steady ongoing relationship25.820.8–31.631.923.9–41.140.634.0––2.183.622.08–6.32
 Not in a steady relationship41.435.0–48.134.926.7––52.10.830.47–1.462.510.70–0.86
Education level*
 No academic qualifications10.06.5–14.913.27.8––
 Academic qualifications typically gained at age 1636.330.4–42.644.135.5–53.025.320.0–31.60.920.42–2.010.980.43–2.26
 Studying for/attained further academic qualifications53.747.0–60.342.734.3–51.667.660.7–73.80.600.28–1.311.770.78–4.04
Student in full-time education
Area of residence
Denominator (unwt, wt)295, 243151, 121293, 220   
  • Denominator is those aged 16–44 years reporting at least one partner in the past year.

  • *Participants coded as per their highest academic attainment. Excludes those aged <17 years or with foreign qualifications.

  • †Denominator is smaller for some analyses due to missing data: 1 man had missing data for relationship status; 17 men had missing education level.

  • GP, general practice; GUM, genitourinary medicine; RRR, unadjusted relative risk ratio for testing in GP/other settings, compared with testing in GUM; unwt, unweighted denominator; wt, weighted denominator.