Table 4

Behavioural characteristics of those tested for chlamydia in the past year, by location of test—women

 Characteristics of women reporting a chlamydia test in the past yearMultinomial regression analysis
Tested in sexual health (GUM) clinicTested in GPTested in other settingsTested in GP
vs GUM
Tested in other settings
vs GUM
%95% CI%95% CI%95% CIRRR95% CIRRR95% CI
Number of partners*, past year
Same-sex partner(s), past year8.96.3––––0.530.420.22–0.77
Unsafe sex†, past year14.711.4–18.711.08.6––16.80.720.48–1.080.880.59–1.32
Concurrency in past year‡22.317.9––10.914.911.6–19.00.320.22–0.480.610.41–0.91
New partners from outside UK§, past five years17.513.4––11.310.17.5–13.50.440.29–0.680.530.34–0.83
A sexual partner was concurrent, past five years (yes/probably)61.555.7––55.849.144.0–54.20.650.48–0.880.600.44–0.83
Denominator (unwt, wt)457, 265650, 384503, 284
  • *Opposite and/or same-sex partners.

  • †Defined as two or more partners in the past year and not used a condom in the past year.

  • ‡Overlap between any of three most recent partners in the past  year.

  • §Includes partners acquired when abroad and when in the UK.

  • ¶Denominator is smaller for some analyses due to missing data: 10 women had missing data for number of partners, 1 for same-sex partners, 6 for unsafe sex, 139 for concurrency and 51 for partners' concurrency.

  • GP, general practice; GUM, genitourinary medicine; RRR, unadjusted relative risk ratio for testing in GP/other settings, compared with testing in GUM; unwt, unweighted denominator; wt, weighted denominator.