Pre- and Post-Course Questions:•Pre-course n/N (%)•Post-course n/N (%)
*Current emotional state144/136 (43)287/339 (85)
*Confidence in dealing with HIV status130/335 (39)307/339 (91)
*Confidence around sex and relationships46/336 (14)172/279 (62)
*Confidence in the future130/338 (39)290/332 (90)
How confident do you feel about disclosing your HIV status?26/338 (8)136/340 (40)
How satisfied are you with your ability to get more information about HIV medications?97/336 (29)130/314 (41)
How much knowledge do you have about how HIV is transmitted?183/337 (54)324/340 (95)
How much do you know about how to access Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)?169/337 (28)274/340 (81)
How much knowledge do you have about CD4 count and HIV viral load?82/337 (24)300/340 (88)
Personal satisfaction with NDC overall n/N (%) rating ‘mostly’ or ‘fully’ useful324/328 (99)

*Questions headed: ‘Thinking about your HIV how would you rate the following’ Respondents rating highest using 4- or 5-point scale