Table 1

HIV treatment and prevention policies, guidelines and implementation in selected countries in the Asia Pacific

CountryTreatment guidelinesTreatment for prevention policy or guidelinesPrEP policy or guidelinesTreatment as prevention programme or practicePrEP programme or practice
ChinaEarly treatment (<500 CD4)77 None foundNone foundAmong heterosexual discordant couplesNo publicly funded PrEP; pilot project in MSM planned (2017)
IndiaCommence at CD4<35078 None foundNone foundNone foundNo publicly funded PrEP
IndonesiaUniversal treatment79 Part of universal treatment guidelinesNone found‘Test and Treat’ implemented in MSM/TGW in main citiesNo publicly funded PrEP; pilot project in MSM/TGW planned (2017)
ThailandUniversal treatment80 Part of universal treatment guidelinesIncluded in national guidelinesFacility and community-based ‘Test and Treat’ projects in MSM/TGW in main citiesOpen label extensions phase III trials in MSM/TGW and PWID; ‘Test and Treat’ PrEP subprojects in main cities; publicly and privately funded facility and community-based PrEP demonstration and delivery (Princess and PrEP2Start projects); PrEP available at market price via public and private sector clinics and hospitals and non-profit primary care settings
PhilippinesUniversal treatment81 Part of universal ARV treatment guidelinesIn preparation‘Test and Treat’ pilot programme in Metro ManilaNo publicly funded PrEP; Pilot project in MSM/TGW planned
  • ARV, antiretroviral; MSM, men who have sex with men; PrEP, pre-exposure prophylaxis; TGW, transgender women; PWID, person who injects drugs.