Table 1

The study participants shown by sampling category and country

CountryDemographic surveillance siteHCWsPLHIV
South AfricauMkhanyakude18176
  • The number of PLHIV sampled per setting varied due to the secondary sampling objective for the wider study to include other variables (rather than just care and treatment trajectories) that may influence the experiences of PLHIV in accessing HIV services in their setting, such as their pregnancy status, area of residence or livelihood, etc. The number of HCWs varied in accordance with the number and types of clinics and HCWs in the HDSS providing HIV care.

  • *The PLHIV could have been taking ART for variable periods of time, countries had varying cut-off points but generally captured recently initiated and then longer term (over 5 years).

  • †PLHIV had not collected ART from their registered clinic for a country specific predetermined period of time.

  • ART, antiretroviral therapy; HCWs, healthcare workers; HDSS, health and demographic surveillance sites; LTFU, lost to follow-up; PLHIV, people living with HIV.