Table 1

Summary of test results and patient clinical pathway timings

Number of patients recruited353570
Test results
 Cepheid CT positive: N (% of total)6 (17.1)0 (0)6 (8.6)
 Cepheid NG positive: N (% of total)1 (2.9)0 (0)1 (1.4)
Non-gonococcal urethritis
 Based on Gram stain microscopy (urethral smear): N (% of male total with results)13 (37.1)N/A13 (37.1)
 Based on wet-mount microscopy: N (% of female total)N/A2 (5.7)*2 (5.7)*
 Based on OSOM: N (% of female total)N/A3 (8.6)*3 (8.6)*
 Based on Gram stain microscopy: N (% of female total)N/A7 (20.0)†,‡7 (20.0)†,‡
 Based on VS-SENSE: N (% of female total)N/A24 (68.6)†,§24 (68.6)†,§
Median (range) time, in minutes, spent in clinic from:
 Clinic arrival to discharge from clinic113 (59–206)110 (59–184)113 (59–206)
 Clinical arrival to first clinical consultation93 (45–182)79 (32–144)90 (32–182)
 Clinic arrival to CT/NG test result being available¶159 (128–216)153 (112–249)159 (112–249)
 Sample collection to discharge from clinic71 (30–149)75 (42–157)74 (30–157)
 Sample collection to clinical consultation55 (7–131)46 (16–88)48 (7–131)
 Sample collection to CT/NG test result being available¶107 (94–189)106 (97–204)107 (94–204)
 Discharge from clinic to CT/NG test result being available, for patients who did not receive CT/NG while in clinic¶39 (6–108)127 (120–155)46 (6–155)
CT/NG test result received
 During clinical consultation48**12
 After clinical consultation, but patient waited for results before leaving clinic123
 After patient left clinic302555
  • *The two microscopy positives were OSOM TV positive.

  • †The seven microscopy positives were VS-SENSE BV positive.

  • ‡An additional 11 were borderline BV by microscopy, of whom 6 had clinical evidence of BV.

  • §Two VS-SENSE BV negatives had borderline microscopy and clinical evidence of BV.

  • ¶The time at which the CT/NG result was available was recorded for 31 patients only.

  • **Two females received their results but it is unknown whether they waited or not—we have assumed results were received during clinical consultation.

  • BV, bacterial vaginosis; CT, Chlamydia trachomatis; TV, Trichomonas vaginalis.