Table 2

Total incremental costs for screening and treatment by treatment arm and health facility level

Single RDT arm Dual RDT arm
Hospital (n=1)Health centre (n=5)AllHospital (n=3)Health centre (n=3)All
Start-up costs*US$139.48US$132.67 US$133.81 US$127.31US$142.63 US$134.97
Clinical staff salariesUS$737.16US$1117.23 US$1053.89 US$2396.26US$1323.15 US$1859.71
Diagnostics†US$725.70US$590.56 US$613.09 US$1090.32US$973.50 US$1031.91
Treatment‡US$14.10US$12.04 US$12.39 US$5.90US$12.98 US$9.44
Quality assuranceUS$38.09US$34.16 US$34.81 US$43.68US$33.12 US$38.40
Total costs US$1654.59 US$1886.67 US$1847.99 US$3663.48 US$2485.39 US$3074.43
Cost per woman tested US$8.10 US$10.70 US$10.26 US$17.73 US$14.04 US$15.89
Cost per woman treated US$413.65 US$646.86 US$607.99 US$2958.45 US$760.07 US$1859.26
  • *Includes training costs.

  • †Diagnostics includes the costs of the test kits and supplies used for testing.

  • ‡Based on three doses of benzathine penicillin.

  • RDT, rapid diagnostic test.

  • Bold: Average cost.