Table 2

Sociodemographic, lifestyle and HIV-related factors associated with sexual behaviours in the past 3 months among MSM diagnosed with HIV for at least 3 months (n=2189)

Sexual activity in the past 3 months (n=2189 MSM)
(1) Higher HIV risk CLS-D (n=93)(2) Other CLS-D (n=264)(3) CLS-C without CLS-D (n=479)(4) Condom-protected sex only (n=556)(5) No anal or vaginal sex (n=797)p-value across groups 1–4 only
Mean age (SD) (N=2135)42(9.0)46(9.2)43(8.8)45(9.6)49(9.0)0.020ANOVA
Median years since HIV diagnosis (IQR) (N=2153)5(2–10)10(6–15)8(4–14)9(4–15)12(7–18)<0.001KW
n % n % n % n % n %
Ethnicity (N=2154)
 Black, Asian, Mixed, Chinese or other1112.12911.2469.76812.5729.20.568
Place of birth (N=2189)
 Outside the UK3335.58331.415131.519935.822127.70.421
Education (N=2149)
 None or up to A levels5460.013853.124551.729253.447060.4
 University degree or above3640.012246.922948.325546.630839.60.549
Employment (N=2154)
 Employed full or part-time5964.816764.233169.737067.839150.0
 Unemployed or other (student, retired and carer)3235.29335.814430.317632.239150.00.455
Money for basic needs (N=2158)
 Mostly or sometimes3538.510239.419340.619635.934543.8
Social support* (N=2170)
Stable partner HIV serostatus (N=2189)
 No stable partner4548.410840.917235.924143.341952.6
 HIV-positive stable partner1516.14115.525352.88014.412115.2
 HIV-serodifferent status stable partner3335.511543.65411.323542.325732.2<0.001
Recreational drug use in past 3 months (N=2189)
Polydrug use in past 3 months (N=2189)
 0–3 drugs6873.119272.732066.849689.276796.2
 ≥4 drugs2526.97227.315933.26010.8303.8<0.001
Possible harmful/hazardous alcohol consumption† (N=2189)
ART status (N=2178)
 On ART3538.0263100.039582.647285.272391.4
 Not on ART5762.00-8317.48214.8688.6
Clinic-recorded viral load‡ (N=2175)
 >50 c/mL9096.80-12726.613023.513417.0
 >200 c/mL7277.40-10722.410318.710413.2
  • p Values by χ2 test unless otherwise specified (analysis of variance (ANOVA), Kruskal-Wallis rank test (KW), χ2 test for linear trend (T)); CLS, condomless sex; CLS-D, CLS with HIV-serodifferent (HIV-negative or HIV-unknown status) partners; higher HIV risk CLS-D, CLS-D plus either not being on antiretroviral therapy (ART) or having latest clinic-recorded viral load >50 c/mL; CLS-C, CLS with HIV-seroconcordant (other HIV-positive) partners; p Values for ART status and viral load comparisons not shown as these differ by definition across groups of sexual behaviour in the past 3 months.

  • *Duke-UNC Functional Social Support Questionnaire scores: 21–25, highest; 13–20, medium; and 0–12, lowest.

  • †Score≥6 on modified WHO AUDIT-C (first two questions only).

  • ‡Latest value available to participant at the time of the questionnaire.

  • MSM, men who have sex with men