Table 8

POCTs—TV: summary of selected analytical and operational characteristics

CompanyCepheidQuidelAtlas Genetics
Assay nameGeneXpertAmpliVueAtlas io (pipeline)
Use settingTabletop; not portable
Level 2
Tabletop; not portable
Level 2; need heat block; vortex
Tabletop; portable
Level 1
SpecimenFemale and male urine, endocervical swab/patient-collected vaginal swabVaginal swabs from symptomatic and asymptomatic womenSelf-collected and clinician-collected vaginal swabs from symptomatic and asymptomatic women, and urine from men
Steps~4; sample preparation automatedModerately complex; ~12 steps; timed incubation~4; automated sample preparation on instrument
Time to result~60 min45 min30 min
Cold chain; reagent stabilityKit storage: 2°C–28°CCartridge/cassettes: 2°C–30°C; buffers: 2°C–8°CCartridges with reagents stable at 2°C–25°C
PowerMains power required; can use solarMains power required for heat blockMains power required
TrainingLess than 0.5 dayLess than 0.5 dayLess than 1 hour; no formal training required; self-explanatory user guide and screens on instrument
ConnectivityYes; computer/internet required; remote calibrationNoYes; via middleware
Equipment cost (US$); per test~$17 000 (with 4 modules), but could be higher; $19.00TBDTBD
  • Level 1=primary healthcare centre. Level 2=district hospital.

  • POCT, point-of-care testing; TBD, to be determined; TV, Trichomonas vaginalis.