Table 1

Selected POCTs for detection of syphilis: summary of selected operational characteristics from product inserts

SpecimenVolume of whole blood or other specimenTime to result (min)Test type
Alere Determine
Syphilis TP
Alere (USA)
Whole blood (fingerstick), plasma or serum50 µL15 min (up to 24 hours)Lateral flow strip
SD Syphilis 3.0
Alere/SD Bioline (South Korea)
Whole blood (venous or fingerstick), plasma or serum20 µL (whole blood)
10 µL (plasma or serum)
5–20 minCassette enclosed test card
The Tulip Group/Qualpro (India)
Whole blood (venous or fingerstick), plasma or serum25 µL15 minCassette enclosed test card
Visitect Syphilis
Omega Diagnostics (UK)
Whole blood (venous or fingerstick), plasma or serum50 µL30 minCassette enclosed test card
OnSite Syphilis Ab Combo Rapid Test
CTK Biotech (USA)
Whole blood (venous or fingerstick)1 drop15 minCassette enclosed test card
Syphilis Health Check
Trinity Biotech (Ireland)
Whole blood (fingerstick), plasma or serum2 drops10 minCassette enclosed test card
Uni-Gold Syphilis Treponemal
Trinity Biotech (Ireland)
Whole blood (venous or fingerstick), plasma or serum~60 µ~15 minCassette enclosed test card
  • POCTs, point-of-care tests.