Table 3

Evaluation of the operational performance of the test based on five characteristics of the RT

AssayOperational assay performance score
No. of reagentsReagent storage temperatureNo. of stepsTotal execution time (hh:mm)*Technical skills of operatorAssay performance
Determine Syphilis TP1 (1)1 (2–30°C)1 (3)1 (00:16)1Good (5/5)
Imuno-Rápido Syphilis1 (1)1 (2–30°C)1 (3)1 (00:11)1Good (5/5)
Rapid-Check Syphilis1 (1)1 (5–30°C)1 (3)1 (00:11)1Good (5/5)
SyphilisTest Biocon1 (1)1 (2–30°C)1 (3)1 (00:11)1Good (5/5)
Syphilis Strip Test Bioeasy1 (1)1 (2–30°C)1 (3)1 (00:21)1Good (5/5)
RT ABON1 (1)1 (2–30°C)1 (3)1 (00:11)1Good (5/5)
RT DPP Syphilis0 (2)1 (2–30°C)1 (4)1 (00:16)1Good (4/5)
  • *Total execution time considered to be the time taken between the placement of the samples and the buffer (s) in the test device, plus the maximum time allowed for reading the result. The time taken to obtain the sample and prepare the work area for the test was not considered.

  • RT, rapid test.