Table 5

Assessment of the quality of the studies included in the first systematic review

STARD criteria7
1. Easily identifiable as a study of diagnostic accuracy
2. State the research questions or study aims
3. Describes the study population: the inclusion and exclusion criteria, the setting and the locations where the data were collected
4. Describes participant recruitment and sampling (prospective or retrospective study)
5. Describes the test under evaluation
6. Describes the reference standard and its rationale
7. Describes specimen acquisition
8. Describes specimen storage
9. Describes training in specimen processing
10. Describes blinding mechanism between index and reference test results
11. Uses appropriate statistical analysis
12. Shows cross-tabulation of results of index and reference tests
13. Estimates diagnostic accuracy with statistical uncertainty (CIs)
14. Shows how indeterminate results are handled
15. Describes variability and subgroup analysis
16. Discusses clinical applicability of findings