Table 1

Sociodemographic and gay community engagement of respondents included in the factor analysis, Melbourne, Australia, 2016 (n=462)

 Trans woman/male to female person0
 Trans man/female to male person20.4
 Non-binary/gender queer51.1
Sexual identity
 Other (including heterosexual)51.1
 Median age (IQR), years32 (25, 41)
 Australian born37080.1
 Resides in inner metropolitan Melbourne28661.9
HIV status
 HIV negative42892.6
 HIV status undisclosed20.4
 HIV status unknown (don’t know and never tested)316.7
Gay community engagement (at least monthly)
 Read the gay press (online or in print)17337.4
 Listen to gay community radio12326.6
 Attend gay community events5812.5
 Engage with gay community organisations6313.6
 Visit gay venues (clubs and bars, SOPVs, saunas)18239.4
 Participate in gay social/sporting groups418.9
  • SOPV, sex-on-premise venue.