Table 1

HIV incidence among young black men who have sex with men receiving repeated HIV-antibody tests: data from a recreation-based community health site, 2013–2015 (n=39)

Site-specific dataMean (SE)RangeTotalRate per 100 person-years (95% CI)
Age at first test (years)19.74 (±3.69)15–29
Age at most recent test (years)20.79 (±3.60)16–29
Tests (n)3.82 (±2.30)2–9149
Person-days395.87 (±265.25)18–91415 439
Person-years1.08 (±0.73)0.05–2.5042.30
Seroconversion events5
Age at seroconversion (years)20.40 (±2.97) NR*
HIV incidence11.82 (4.33 to 26.20)
  • *Data not reported to protect identification of individuals.