Table 1

Descriptive statistics for the study

Dose completion (%)
 Dose 190.673.099.45.2
 Dose 289.571.096.95.6
 Dose 386.557.396.66.6
Weekly average income (£)535.3403.71066.9109.8
Education (%)
 Level 113.04.318.12.5
 Level 214.76.618.62.7
 Level 312.
 Level 428.
 No qualifications22.16.735.25.7
Education deprivation (%)
 Occupation (%)
 Higher managerial, administrative and professional occupations31.018.366.78.2
 Intermediate occupations21.413.037.63.4
 Routine and manual occupations31.58.947.08.0
 Never worked and long-term unemployed6.
 Not classified9.
Race (%)
Migrant status (%)
 White migrants0.
 Non-white migrants0.
  • Source: Authors’ analysis of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine coverage data in England for the  2013–2014   school year by local authority, from Public Health England’s vaccine uptake guidance and latest coverage data and indicators of socioeconomic status from the March 2011 census. 

  • n=131 local   authorities.