Table 1

Summary of oropharyngeal and anorectal sampling technique among 23 clinicians at Melbourne Sexual Health Centre

Clinicians’ sampling techniqueMedianIQR
Oropharyngeal sampling technique
 Frequency of swabbing one tonsil only, %00–5
 Frequency of swabbing both tonsils only, %50–20
 Frequency of swabbing the oropharynx only, %20–10
 Frequency of swabbing the soft palate only, %00–5
 Frequency of swabbing both tonsils together with oropharynx, %7030–96
 Frequency of eliciting a gag reflex, %7030–80
Anorectal sampling technique
 Distance of swabs inserted from the anal verge, cm2.52–3
 Frequency of patient self-collected swabs, %105–50
 Frequency of clinician-collected swabs without proctoscope, %8045–95
 Frequency of asking patients to relax the anal sphincter, %200–50
 Frequency of rotating the swab within the anal canal, %9060–100
 Frequency of moistening the swab before insertion, %8010–100