Table 1

Demographic data and laboratory test results for patients with positive TV BDQx results

CaseStudy siteAgeEthnicitySymptomatic?Vaginal pH >4.5?Wet-prep microscopy resultTV culture result
1A30Black AfricanYesYesPositiveNot performed*
2A30Mixed black and otherYesYesPositiveNot performed*
3†A24Black AfricanNoNot performedNot performedNot performed*
4A27White IrishYesYesPositiveNot performed*
5†A24Mixed white and black CaribbeanYesYesNegativeNot performed*
6†B42Mixed white and black CaribbeanYesNot performed*NegativeNegative
7†B32Other blackNoNot performed*Not performedNot performed*
8B32Black CaribbeanYesNot performed*PositivePositive
9†B18White BritishNoNot performed*Not performedNot performed*
10†B53Black CaribbeanNoNot performed*Not performedNot performed*
11†B20White IrishYesNot performed*NegativeNegative
  • *This test was not routinely performed at this study site.

  • †These cases would have remained undiagnosed without TV BDQx testing.

  • BDQx, Becton-Dickinson Qx; TV, Trichomonas vaginalis.