Table 1

Study characteristics and rectal chlamydia positivity of all included studies (n=14)

StudyCountry of studyStudy designStudy population testedAge range
Data collection periodWomen tested (n)Rectal chlamydia positivity in women (n)
Bachmann et al 7 USACross-sectionalSexual health clinic-attending population16–44July 2003–February 20079934.3% (34)
Bazan et al 8 USAObservational cohortSexual health clinic-attending population16–66August 2012–June 201334113.5% (46)
Cosentino et al 26 USACross-sectionalSexual health clinic-attending population18–64May 2009–March 20102727.7% (21)
Ding and Challenor9 UKCross-sectionalUrogenital chlamydia-positive, sexual health clinic-attending population16–53April 2012–June 20139777.3% (75)
Garner et al 29 UKCross-sectionalSexual health clinic-attending population16–66March 2010–May 2010916.6% (6)
Gratrix et al 17 CanadaCross-sectionalSexual health clinic-attending population14–70*July 2012–December 20123054*4.3% (132)
Hunte et al 27 USACross-sectionalSexual health clinic-attending population17–46May 2007–August 20089717.5% (17)
Mayer et al 30 USAObservational cohortHIV-positive population attending a sexual health clinic21–69March 2004–June 20061191.7% (2)
Musil et al 33 AustraliaCross-sectionalSexual health clinic-attending population15–54November 2013–June 20145657.1% (32)
Ostergaard et al 34 DenmarkCross-sectionalSexual health clinic-attending population18–53December 1995–July 19961965.6% (11)
Rodriguez-Hart et al 31 USACross-sectionalAdult film industry performers18–42May 2010–September 20101123.6% (4)
Sethupathi et al 32 UKCross-sectionalSexual health clinic-attending population15–62September 2006–August 200815912.6% (20)
van Liere et al 16 The NetherlandsCross-sectionalSexual health clinic-attending population18–99†May 2012–July 20136548.4% (55)
van Rooijen et al 28 The NetherlandsCross-sectionalSexual health clinic-attending population15–99†January 2011–July 201216569.3% (154)
  • *One woman was excluded from the number tested because she was less than 15 years old; she tested negative for rectal chlamydia. Reported number of women tested is 3055.

  • †No maximum age provided.