Table 5

STI history by ethnicity adjusted for risk behaviours plus age, study region, education level (university degree) and relationship status, heterosexual men

Risk behaviourCLS with non-regular partner, last 3 monthsCLS with two or more partners, last 3 monthsTwo or more new partners in the last year
STI diagnosed in the last year
 White British/other1.001.001.00
 Black/mixed African1.16 (0.76–1.77)1.15 (0.76–1.73)1.20 (0.78–1.86)
 Black/mixed Caribbean2.01 (1.25–3.24)1.91 (1.20–3.04)2.17 (1.34–3.50)
 Other ethnic group0.62 (0.26–1.52)0.62 (0.25–1.50)0.53 (0.20–1.42)
 P value0.0050.0080.001
  • CLS, condomless sex.