Table 1

Sociodemographic characteristics, hepatitis and STI test uptake, risk factors for hepatitis infection and healthcare provider characteristics of young men who have sex with men in China participating in a nationwide online survey, 2017 (n=503)

Sociodemographic characteristics
 Age (years)23.93.5
Current residence
Household registration
 South central14228.2
Education level
 High school or lower13426.6
 Technical school14128.0
 Advanced professional degree204.0
Monthly income (US$)
Sexual orientation
 Other (eg, bisexual, heterosexual)8316.5
Hepatitis test uptake
 Previous HCV test20641.0
 Previous HBV test (all)32364.2
 Previous HBV test (no or uncertain HBV vaccination)*6038.2
Other STI test uptake
 Previous HIV test43185.7
 Previous syphilis test27755.1
 Syphilis test in past 3 months16633.0
Sexual risk factors for hepatitis infection
 HIV positive7314.5
 Receptive anal sex position20242.6
 No condom use during last anal sex†11724.7
 Previous syphilis diagnosis408.0
 No of male anal sex partners in past 3 months1.65.0
Healthcare provider characteristics
 Has an established PCP7414.7
  • *Includes men reporting no or uncertain HBV vaccination status.

  • †Includes men reporting previous anal sex and excludes men who exclusively engage in oral sex.

  • HBV, hepatitis B virus; HCV, hepatitis C virus; PCP, primary care provider.