Table 3

Individual factors associated with acceptability of an oral HIV test among Peruvian MSM (n=294)

Crude modelAdjusted model*
PR95% CIP valuesPR95% CIP values
Age†1.001.00 to 1.010.2041.000.99 to 1.000.309
 Tertiary (no degree)1.161.03 to 1.310.0121.181.06 to 1.320.004
 University (degree)1.141.01 to 1.270.0291.161.03 to 1.300.012
 Other0.990.90 to 1.090.812
Current relationship with a man
 Yes0.990.89 to 1.090.804
Current smoker
 Yes1.070.97 to 1.170.173
Sex partners
 Mostly/only menRef.
 Equally men and women0.950.76 to 1.200.682
 Mostly/only women0.980.77 to 1.240.869
Sex role
 Insertive/mostly insertiveRef.
 Equally receptive and insertive0.980.86 to 1.110.725
 Receptive/mostly receptive0.990.87 to 1.120.877
Age at first anal intercourse, years
 14–190.890.80 to 0.990.0360.890.80 to 0.980.021
 >191.000.89 to 1.110.9370.970.86 to 1.090.586
Last anal sex without condom with a man
 Yes0.980.89 to 1.090.717
Transactional sex
 Yes1.010.91 to 1.120.867
Past month sex and alcohol
 Yes1.020.93 to 1.130.628
Past month sex and drugs‡
 Yes1.171.12 to 1.23<0.0011.191.05 to 1.360.008
Self-reported current STI symptoms
 Yes1.050.95 to 1.160.369
Belief in HIV transmission by saliva
 Yes1.131.03 to 1.250.0101.201.08 to 1.330.001
Confidence in rapid HIV blood test
 Medium1.670.89 to 3.120.1101.640.84 to 3.240.149
 High1.800.96 to 3.350.0651.770.90 to 3.490.096
Ever heard about oral HIV test
 Yes1.020.92 to 1.130.746
Potential use of oral test at home
 Yes1.591.32 to 1.91<0.0011.561.32–1.85<0.001
  • *Adjusted for age, education level, age at first anal intercourse, past month sex and drugs, belief in HIV transmission by saliva, confidence in rapid HIV blood test and potential use of an oral test at home (n=290).

  • †Median.

  • ‡Marijuana, cocaine, poppers and other.

  • MSM, men who have sex with men; PR, prevalence ratio.