Table 3

Bivariate and multivariate logistic regression of correlates of HBV test uptake among young men who have sex with men in China who report no or uncertain HBV vaccination (n=157)

HBV test uptake unadjusted ORHBV test uptake 95% CIHBV test uptake adjusted OR†HBV test uptake 95% CI
Sociodemographic characteristics
 Age (years)1.050.96 to to 1.18
Current residence
 Urban2.340.88 to 6.212.410.88 to 6.66
Household registration
 Urban1.920.99 to 3.701.670.82 to 3.38
Level of education
 Technical school or belowReferenceReference
 College or above1.760.90 to 3.461.620.81 to 3.25
 Non-student1.620.77 to 3.431.800.63 to 5.09
Monthly income (US$)
 >4521.300.70 to 2.541.190.54 to 2.61
Other test uptake
Previous HCV test
 Yes46.50*14.94 to 144.7780.85*20.80 to 314.33
Previous HIV test
 Yes4.92*1.79 to 13.545.26*1.81 to 15.28
Previous syphilis test
 Yes3.66*1.85 to 7.233.57*1.78 to 7.17
Syphilis test in past 3 months
 Yes4.40*2.13 to 9.125.03*2.32 to 10.90
Sexual risk factors for hepatitis infection
HIV status
 Positive2.150.94 to 4.923.00*1.22 to 7.37
 Negative or never testedReferenceReference
Sex position
 No anal sex0.460.11 to 2.000.400.09 to 1.78
 Receptive anal sex0.860.39 to 1.870.890.39 to 2.03
 Versatile0.31*0.13 to 0.760.27*0.11 to 0.70
 Insertive anal sexReferenceReference
Condom use during last anal sex‡
 Yes1.780.84 to 3.791.750.80 to 3.83
Previous syphilis diagnosis
 Yes4.13*1.36 to 12.564.82*1.50 to 15.51
No of male anal sex partners
 Past 3 months0.770.57 to 1.060.760.53 to 1.07
Healthcare provider characteristics
 Have an established PCP2.78*1.06 to 7.272.69*1.00 to 7.26
 No established PCPReferenceReference
  • *Indicates statistically significant result (p<0.05).

  • †Multivariate logistic regression adjusts for age, income, education level and current residence.

  • ‡Includes men reporting previous anal sex and excludes men who exclusively engage in oral sex.

  • HBV, hepatitis B virus; HCV, hepatitis C virus; PCP, primary care provider.