Table 1

Characteristics and laboratory results for male sexual couples concordantly infected with early syphilis

Couple numberPartner numberHIV statusRPREIA IgMTp PCRStageSymptoms
 12+32Not doneEL
 2116Non-reactive+PPenile ulcers
 2264Non-reactiveSPalmar rash
 3164Reactive+PPenile ulcers
 414ReactivePPenile ulcers
 424Reactive+PAnal lesion
 510Not done+PPenile ulcers
 5264ReactiveSGeneralised rash, penile lesions
 6116ReactiveSGeneralised rash
 620Not doneEL
 9132ReactiveSGeneralised rash
 101+32ReactiveSGeneralised rash
 1020Not doneEL
 111128ReactiveSGeneralised rash
 12164ReactiveSGeneralised rash
 13132Reactive+SAnal condyloma, generalised rash
 132+16Reactive+SAnal condyloma, penile ulcers
  • EIA IgM, ELISA immunoassay IgM; EL, early latent syphilis; P, primary syphilis; RPR, rapid plasma reagin; S, secondary syphilis; Tp PCR, Treponemapallidum PCR.