Table 1

Baseline demographic and relationship characteristics of 122 female participants

CharacteristicTotal sampleSTI negative* (n=95)STI positive* (n=22)P value
Age in years, mean (SD)18.4 (1.1)18.418.40.94
African-American race, n (%)112 (92)93%91%0.78
Age at first sex, mean (SD)13.9 (3.3)13.814.00.80
Maternal education <high school, n(%)79 (65)67%64%0.74
Lifetime no of sexual partners, mean (SD); median8 (11);
No of sexual partners in the past 3 months, mean (SD); median2 (3);
Condom use at first sex with partner, n (%)83 (73)72%81%0.42
Condom use at last sex with partner, n (%)53 (47)44%57%0.27
STD history, n (%)67 (55)53%68%0.19
Length of relationship in months, mean (SD); median17.5 (20.0); 1317.817.50.97
  • *Participants were tested for C. trachomatis and N. gonorrhoeae at baseline.